Desired Love

In the bright light of screens, in the busy city noise,
We want to feel close, but it comes with a touch of sadness.
With each tap, with every shared laugh or tear,
We just want love to be there, always near.

We make online profiles with pictures and symbols,
Looking for likes, hoping for someone to care.
We hope for approval in comments and clicks,
A sign we’re seen, some respect that sticks.

In the rush of life, in the middle of the crowd,
We want a soft whisper, a touch that’s proud.
In the quiet of night, when all is still,
We want someone’s hug, warm and real.

In every human heart, there’s a need deep inside,
To be loved, to be valued, to feel free and wide.
It’s a strong feeling that drives us, never to die,
A bond that unites us under the dark night sky.

So let’s understand this want, this deep need we feel,
In love’s embrace, we find strength, it’s real.
In someone’s kind look, in their soft touch so neat,
We learn what it means to be human, how big, how sweet.

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